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-2024 I Sibila I Curatorial text for the solo show I Andersen’s Contemporary, by Priscyla Gomes (DN)

-2024 I Devour me or I’ll decipher you... not to be mistaken with decipher me or I’ll devour you! I Text for the artist open studio at the Cité International Des Arts -By Marcos Moraes (FR)

-2023 I The Hills Muttered and Dreammed of Falling in the Sea I Curatorial text for the show - By Luana Fortes (BRA)

-2023 I The Bodyscape created by the materiality of nature and performative practice I Oyster Dream Catalog - By Seolhui Lee

-2023 I When we look at what we can't see I Oyster Dream Catalog - By Luana Fortes

-2022 I Citoplasmatic Opera - Curatorial text by Diego Mauro and Luana Fortes (BRA)

-2021 I Talk with Olivia Bright for YAC (Young Artists In Conversation) UK

-2019 I Talk with Danilo Villa for DAP Londrina (BRA)


-2023 I Oyster Dream I Exhibition teaser I Foundry Seoul 


-2023 I The Hills Muttered and dreamed of falling in the sea I Exhibition Teaser I Casa Triangulos Solo Show

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