Exposição Individual parte do prêmio do 44o SARP

Papila Sobremesa Tutti Frutti is an installation composed by four works that together create a sort of ecosystem. “Anemo Cactos”, “Pink Python and the pussy cat”, “Hmmmmmmm”, and “Cake Frosting”, were thought and developed from the perspective of the scenography universe. The use of the space by the works proposes a narrative of a dystopian world composed by “soft” creatures. 

This ambience is formed by pink bodies, so brightly toned that they can be assimilate to radioactivity. A mixture of monsters made by plush, slime, foam and sand, as well as a type of giant tongue that seems to have left a drool puddle in the room.

Having a fictional aspect, the works suggest possible narratives from the universe of sci-fi. Could this be the result of the daily ingestion of chemical preservatives, toxins or food coloring? Could a headless snake have eaten a piece of “Anemo-Cactos” and gotten pregnant? Could “Cake Frosting” be a big Styrofoam fungus? Or just a piece of the landscape of that place?  What about that tongue? Could it have a compulsive salivation problem? Why did it drool so much?

Opening: 13/03/2020

MARP - Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto Pedro Manuel-Gismondi. Rua Barão do Amazonas, 323, Ribeirão Preto-SP. 
Informações no MARP (16) 3635 2421 / 3941 0089.