Lara, 2016.

Coal, acrylic, oil and vaseline on wall, blocks, holes and window of a room of a larynx institute deactivated in Sao Paulo, at Rua Diogo de Faria, 171 Vila Clementino.

3,35 x 3,18m2.

Lara is an installation produced in the artistic occupation In(lar) in March of 2016. Organized by Beatriz Chachamovits, Caroline Kielmanowicz and Rafael Mênova, the project In(lar) spawned from the occupation, by 32 artists, of a Larynx Institute that was to be destroyed. The chosen artists were invited to choose a room and carry out a reflection on the space that would result in an artistic intervention that would in some way activate it.


The room chosen by Lara was an old x-ray room and it seeked to put the space in action through the trajectory of drawing and the public’s interaction. The work issues from the artist’s research on how to transform the body’s protuberances – of internal parts, organs and entrails – into a landscape. Just like a laryngoscopy, Lara exposes a large body-landscape that possesses more viscous and rigid parts that pour out of the wall contours, invading the floor parquet, the holes on the walls, the sink and the toilet, the windowsill and the window itself, even reaching the floor of the lower floor.