Eden, 2015-16

Video installation  6’10’’(looping)



Sound and music by Anders Rinaldi

Photography by Toti Loureiro
Edition by Toti Loureiro

Cast: Glamour Garcia / Rafaela Foz / Laura Carvalho / Acauã Sol

The body as a landscape. The landscape as a body. Eden is a video composed of those dialogues. A re-reading of the biblical myth of Paradise, in which Adam and Eve are expelled from Paradise for eating the fruit of knowledge. The video weaves a relation between Eden, the Lost Paradise and the characters’ own bodies, which are explored from an erotic stance, as a component of a landscape.


In the Bible, Eve is pointed out as the culprit for inciting Adam to disobey God and taste the fruit. In the video, Eve and Adam are replaced by four people, corresponding to one Adam and four Eves. Eden consists in the subversion of the biblical myth, a revision that reveres and praises the power of women, sexual freedom and pleasure. In this universe, characters coexist in harmony in a world replete of apples, which symbolise knowledge. Characters bask in apples as if they based in knowledge.