Contour, 2015-2016

Contour is a series of oil paintings on canvas, constituted of the artist’s attempts to give her old paintings contours, paintings that were made of overlapping stains.

This series is part of Galvão’s research into the interaction and relation between outside nature – the influence of the landscape – with her own nature.

In this way, Contour is constituted of dialogues between the landscape paintings genre and human sexual organs. The series’ objective is to create atmospheres of environments from the exploration of contrasting colors and from the erotic gaze on the human body.


Chico, 2015.
Óleo sobre tela.
132x202 cm.
Bernardo, 2015
Óleo sobre tela
130 x 100 cm
Betinho, 2015.
Óleo sobre tela.
120x158 cm.

Cibele, 2015.
Óleo sobre tela.
106x200 cm.
Rafaela, 2015
Óleo sobre tela.
120x172 cm.
Rafaela II
Óleo sobre tela.
170x200 cm
Deserto Rosa, 2015
Óleo sobre tela
Contorno, 2015
Óleo Sobre Tela
277 x 340 cm
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Chico, 2015.

Óleo sobre tela. 132x202 cm.